Bali Expat Chronicles #1
Bali Expat Chronicles

Bali Expat Chronicles #1: The New Beginning

Bali Expat Chronicles #1
Taking a stroll at Campuhan Ridge Walk in Ubud

After living in Sanur on-and-off for 5 years, I decided to move to Ubud.

I loved the quaint beach town of Sanur – after all, it was where I got my first job as a scuba instructor and took my first baby steps as an expat in a foreign country.

But after 5 years of living in the same community, everything was starting to feel too comfortable, and I was falling into a “routine” which was a death trap in NYC that led me to quit my job in search for a life of fulfillment.

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal.

– Paul Coelho

There has never been a better quote, if you asked me.

Some people love the security of having a routine – it’s comfortable.

But not me. When I start to fall into a routine, I experience my life as a complete bore. I was going to the same laundromat, gym, grocery store, Chinese restaurant (unfortunately there was not much of a selection for me to choose from), coffee shops, etc. My life had become so predictable.

There was also one thing missing in Sanur – a community. Being so far away from my family and friends who are in the US, I am finding it increasingly necessary to surround myself with like-minded expats, female energy and good friendships, which was hard to come by in Sanur.

So I’ve moved to start a new chapter for myself – a new beginning in a new neighborhood. I’m looking forward to a breath of fresh air.

In the last couple of weeks of being in Ubud, I have joined a FB group for women and already joined a meet-up where I met 10 wonderful women in the area! I’m looking forward to attending many more and becoming more actively involved with the female community here 🙂

And there is no shortage of some amaaaaaazing restaurants and coffee shops in Ubud – so I’m definitely looking forward to exploring that scene!

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