Bali Expat Chronicles

Bali Expat Chronicle cover- me and Digo on a scooter

Welcome to the Bali Expat Chronicles!

Honestly, I debated for a long time whether or not to create this section…but I finally decided to create a platform where I can be open about my life as a Bali expat, discuss the unpleasant side of living in a developing country (after all, we get enough “fluffed” up versions of travel on IG) and share with you “behind the scenes” of a travel blogger.

I LOVE writing blogs about my spontaneous adventures, scuba diving trips, and destinations guides.  But there is so much more that goes on in my expat life beyond traveling – from finding a decent laundromat that doesn’t ruin my clothes, falling in love with street dogs, trying to stay in shape, to discovering myself newly in this ongoing journey called life.

Every day in Bali is full of beautiful, and not-so-beautiful moments – and I want a space where I can express and share all angles of my expat life, even the ugly ones.

This section will contain a more raw, unfiltered, and vulnerable peak into Mo’s Paradise Diaries.

So come away with me if you’d like, and join my expat adventures 😉

a humble homestay situated right on a white sand beach at Waisai Raja Ampat
Waisai Raja Ampat: A Complete Guide to Accessing the Ultimate Paradise
Table of Contents Why Visit Raja AmpatThings to Do in Raja Ampat1.      Raja Ampat Diving & Snorkeling2.      Tour the Untouched
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The stunning view of Banyu wana amertha waterfall
Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall: North Bali’s Best Hidden Gem
Table of Contents Where is Banyu Wana Amertha WaterfallBali Waterfalls Map    Best Ways to Explore Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall1. Customize a
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Banyumala waterfall
Banyumala Twin Waterfall: Bali’s Most Stunning Natural Wonders
Table of Contents Where is Banyumala Twin WaterfallHow to Reach the Banyumala Twin WaterfallBanyumala Waterfall Entrance FeeBest Ways to Explore
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north Bali itinerary: a photo of Brahma Vihara Arama
North Bali: Escape the Crowd and Discover the Raw Beauty of Bali
Table of Contents Things to Do in North Bali1 – 2.  Chase Stunning Waterfalls1.1 Banyumala Twin Waterfalls1.2  Banyu Wana Amertha
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nusa lembongan day trips: a view of Nusa Lembongan bay with boats floating over clear water
5 Best Nusa Lembongan Day Trips to Make the Most Your Holiday
Table of Contents Day Trip Option 1: Reef CruiseDay Trip Option 2: Beach Club CruiseDay Trip Option 3:  Snorkeling Tour Day
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diving in nusa lembongan: a manta ray face to face
Diving in Nusa Lembongan: Get the Inside Scoop and Awesome Dive Tips
Table of Contents Where are Nusa IslandsAbout Diving in Nusa LembonganLembongan Diving SeasonDive Experience LevelWater TemperatureDepth of Dive SitesVisibilityCurrentSurface ConditionsNusa
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the best nusa lembongan beaches
5 Top Nusa Lembongan Beaches With the Most Epic Views
Table of Contents How to Get to Nusa Lembongan from Bali#1.   Dream Beach Nusa Lembongan#2.  Mushroom Beach Nusa Lembongan#3.  Sunset
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Everything You Need to Know about Fast Boats from Sanur to Nusa Lembongan
Table of Contents 1.    How to Choose a Fast boat to Lembongan2.    Sanur to Lembongan Boat Price3.    Where to
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nusa lembongan tips: view of the island from the shore
7 Practical Nusa Lembongan Tips for An Unforgettable Island Adventure
Table of Contents Tip #1: Learn to Ride a ScooterTip #2: Take Enough Cash With YouTip #3: Be Ready to
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Jatiluwih rice terraces
Jatiluwih Rice Terraces UNESCO World Heritage Site – A Must See in Bali!
Table of Contents About Jatiluwih Rice TerracesHow to Get to Jatiluwih Rice TerracesWhen to Visit Jatiluwih Rice TerracesVisitor’s Guide to
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