Budgeting Tips

People often think you need to rob a bank or sell your kidney to be able to travel abroad.  

This is simply not true.   

Here’s one simple tip: GET RESOURCEFUL. 

There is a ton of information on the web now, about how you can save money, how to hustle for a side job, how to work while traveling, and all the travel hacks on finding cheap flights and accommodations. 

The resources are out there, my friends – there is no better time than NOW to travel, because other people have done the hard work of experimenting with various resources, then sharing them with you for FREE! 

Since I started traveling in 2013, I have come to rely on other travel bloggers myself for all topics related to traveling, including destination guides and safety tips. 

Below, I have created a library of budgeting topics and helpful posts (all of which I have read and used myself).   

Implement these tips in your savings structure, trip planning, and travels – soon enough, you will look back at this stage of your life and wonder why you ever thought it was so hard 😉

Costs of Travel

Here are 4 bloggers who break down the cost of travel by destination, so you can get an idea of what a reasonable travel expense may look like:

Never Ending Footsteps

A Little Adrift

Be My Travel Muse

Notorious Debt