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Bali Expat Chronicles #5: Living in Ubud as a Digital Nomad

Having lived in the quiet beach town of Sanur for nearly 5 years, I wasn’t sure how I would manage living inland away from the ocean but I am happy to report that I am loving my new life in Ubud!

I don’t know where in the world the last 3 months have gone, but I have been enjoying exploring around Ubud, trying out some of the best spa treatments, and of course, eating my way around town (Ubud is foodie heaven in case you didn’t know!).

I have found Ubud to be a perfect base for digital nomads and solo female travelers like myself. Although I did get sexually harassed since moving here, I still think it’s an ideal location for anyone thinking of making a home in Bali.

One of the things I have loved about living in Ubud is that it offers an endless list of local events, seminars, and meetups, providing opportunities for like-minded individuals to mingle and connect.

Being the spiritual and healing mecca of Bali, Ubud’s events are also quite fascinating! I have been introduced to many unconventional forms of “therapy” such as cacao ceremony, Kirtan, sound bath, breathwork, etc.

As someone who has been passionate about self-growth but never really delved into “spiritual work,” I’ve been interested to try and explore some of these sessions – I may as well try everything once (or twice!)

The sound therapy was intriguing. In case you are thinking “what the heck is sound therapy?” – it’s the use of sound vibrations to help flush the negative energy through your body and create a new space. Since our bodies are made up of 60% water and sound travels 4x faster in water than in air, the idea is to use sound to move toxins and blockages in your body.

The “therapist” uses several instruments such as forks, gongs, and bowls to generate various frequencies and vibrations into space. Sometimes she would grab the instruments and walk around the room so we can feel the vibrations closer.

living in ubud: gongs used in sound bath therapy
Gongs used in sound therapy

And what do we do?

We just lie on our backs, close our eyes, relax, and let it all in.

The sound therapy session lasted an hour, and it was extremely relaxing. I was so relaxed that I drifted in and out of consciousness (or I guess you can call it sleeping!). The experience was a bit like meditation, where I was able to calm my brain activity and just BE.

This particular session only accepted 14 guests in the room, so it was intimate and peaceful. We were told before the session that we may have various reactions from falling sleep to feeling emotional and tearful.

I can’t say that I walked out of the session with any groundbreaking impact but I’m glad that I tried it at least once.

I have also been attending a weekly women’s meetup for travelers and expats to meet and chat while staying in Ubud. When I was living in Sanur, opportunities like this were few and far between so I have really cherished meeting like-minded women, making friends, and just having great conversations.

women meet up group members while living in ubud bali
My new friends in Ubud 🙂

I have become close with a couple of women from the group, with whom I now have amazing friendships.

If you are a solo traveler looking to settle down in Bali for a bit during your travels, I highly recommend Ubud, particularly if you want to get active in the community and meet fellow travelers!


  • Ezgi Erdal

    Hi Mo! Firstly, thanks for the high quality blog and information! Would you mind sharing names of these unconventional therapy places – gong bath, sound therapy, kirtan etc? I’m really into all that and would be amazing to experience it in Ubud during my solo travel.
    Thanks much! Sending love.

    • Mo

      Hi Ezgi, there are so many in Ubud – but for sound therapy, I did one at Pyramid Chi and Taksu Spa. I suggest that you join FB groups like “Ubud Community” and you will get a ton of event options. Also check out FB “events” while in Ubud, which will show you all the various events coming up. Once you go to one or two events, talk to as many people as possible – I learned a lot of events through a word of mouth as well. Have a great time in Ubud!

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