5 Top Spas in Sanur You Will Love – and Won’t Break the Bank

If you are here checking out this post about the Best Spas in Sanur, I imagine that you are looking to get pampered during your next trip to Bali. 

Who can blame you?  I mean, who doesn’t love being pampered?!   We all wish to be carried off to a little piece of heaven even just for a little while and walk away feeling like a million bucks.  

Am I right ladies?

After traveling all over Southeast Asia and trying just about every kind of massage there is in the East, I concluded that Balinese massage was my all-time favorite.   

There was something special in the way Balinese massages used finger strokes and kneading techniques that sent you straight to cloud nine.  

After I returned home to NYC having experienced Balinese massage for the first time, I continued to dream and fantasize about the mindblowing massages I experienced in Bali.   Not even a $100 massage could fulfill my yearning to return to Bali even just for an hour.  

Lucky for me, I eventually made Bali my permanent home, so I can now access all the Balinese massages a girl can dream of!  If I could have it my way, I’d permanently move into a spa or hire a full-time massage therapist for myself.  But until I get there, I will continue to frequent my favorite spas in Sanur and share with you some of my go-to spots 😉

Aside from the high-quality services, the cost of the spa treatments in Bali is simply irresistible.     To give you a rough idea, you can experience a “luxury” spa treatment in a modern facility for about a USD 20-30 for body massages, USD 7-10 for mani/pedi, and USD 25-40 for facials.   

The costs are a fraction of what I used to pay in the US.  You can, of course, spend more if you’d prefer the ultimate experience with all the bells and whistles, like private Jacuzzis, champagnes and butler services.

The 5 best spas in Sanur Bali that I hand selected are in the middle-of-the-road category, where you can feel like a queen without breaking the bank.   So go on and treat yourself, ladies!  No amount of pampering ever hurt anybody!

A word of caution:  If you love massages and have never experienced a Balinese massage before, believe me when I tell you that you will be hooked!  You will want to book more than once, so don’t wait until the end of your trip to schedule your first treatment 😉

spas in sanur: a girl is getting her back massaged

Best Spa in Sanur for a Body Massage

I find that massages can be difficult to review, as preferences vary greatly by individuals.  For example, I like strong, no-frills kind of massages (e.g., deep tissue) while my partner enjoys relaxing, soothing massages.  

But no matter our preferences for the types of massages, we can agree that a certain ambiance and setting are required for a fantastic spa experience.

I find that the “feeling” of the spa is crucial.  Call me a spa snob, but details such as soothing music, the lighting, refreshments, friendly service, and a peaceful and Zen space are all important components that culminate in your heavenly experience.

Two spas in Sanur share the top spot for the best massage category.  From their impeccable service to their clean, relaxing interior – Leha Leha Spa and Chantara Spa get the gold star for the best in Sanur.

spas in sanur: massage room of Leha Leha Spa with 2 massage tables and candles
Leha Leha Spa Sanur (photo credit:

#1 Leha Leha Spa Sanur  

Leha Leha Spa is a small but beautiful spa located on Jalan Sudamala, just a few meters south of Taksu Sanur Hotel.  It is owned by a local Balinese gentleman, who acquired experience in the spa industry while working abroad, and decided to return home to open his own business (and he’s doing great, might I add!).

From their warm receptionist, soothing water fountain, and welcome tea service with a cold washcloth, Leha Leha Spa understands how to start you off on your path to nirvana.   The massage rooms are always clean, smell fabulous, and provide a soothing environment with dim lighting and calming music in the background.

If you are looking for a fabulous body massage, go for their 90-minute Deep Relaxation Full Body Massage (IDR 400K/USD 27) or Leha Leha Signature Massage (IDR 450K/USD 30) – you will never want to leave that massage table.  Guaranteed.

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spas in sanur: massage table inside a spa room at Chantara Sanur
Chantara Spa Sanur (photo credit:

#2 Chantara Spa Sanur 

I discovered this gem when the spa first opened a couple of years ago on the main strip of Danau Poso, only about a 5-minute walk from the some of the popular beach hotels including Mercure Resort Sanur.   Ever since the opening, Chantara Wellness & Spa has been on my list of top spas in Sanur.

There are so many things I love about Chantara.  Their operation manager is always friendly, welcoming and remembers us when we return.   They offer you a cold or hot refreshment when you arrive to help you settle down and unwind.  Then, just before they take you into the massage room, they seat you in a huge king-size chair to properly wash your feet with a scrub – I love that!  My biggest pet peeve about a spa facility is when they start your body massage at your dirty feet without washing them first!

I also adore many of Chantara’s well-trained massage therapists  – I have never had a bad massage at Chantara.  That says a lot, considering I have been spoiled there countless times!

At Chantara, I always go for their 90-minute Deep Tissue massage (IDR 400K/USD 27) and Tari, Fanny, and Maya –these therapists are fantastic.  Be sure to ask for them when you visit Chantara.  You won’t regret it!

Best Spa in Sanur for Mani/Pedi

spas in sanur: a pair of feet after a pedicure

#3 The Nest Beachside Spa 

Two things make the Nest Beachside Spa the best in the manicure/pedicure spa category: 1) the view and 2) their lemon sorbet.

Oh yes, the actual manicure and pedicure is amazing too 😉

The Nest Beachside Spa is located beachside, just a few minutes from the luxurious 5 star hotel Fairmont Sanur Beach.  Their spa faces the beach, so if you are sitting in any one of their pedicure chairs or manicure stations, you have the perfect view of the local fishing boats and the ocean!

If the view alone wasn’t enticing enough, the Nest has a unique approach to leaving a memorable impression on their customers – their lemon sorbets that are served at the end of every treatment.  When was the last time you were served with a treat at a spa? 😉

spas in sanur: pedicure chairs inside the Nest Spa
The pedicure chairs facing the beach @ The Nest Beachside Spa (photo credit:

While the Nest offers an extensive menu of spa services including eyelash extensions and body treatments, I have only been there for manicures and pedicures, as they are very reasonably priced.  But the Nest has high reviews for all their treatments, so I may need to return and give them a try! 

You can choose from a 45-minute express mani/pedi for IDR 155k/175k (or USD 10/12) or 70-minute premium mani/pedi package for IDR 245K/285k (or USD 17/20).   They have always done a great job with both, with a great selection of nail colors.  

I highly recommend The Nest Beachside Spa Sanur for your nail care in Sanur!   

The Nest became so popular that they recently expanded and opened a second location called The Nest Boutique Spa Sanur, on Denau Tamblingan.  I have not yet visited the Boutique Spa, but according to Tripadvisor reviews, they are as amazing as the Beachside spa!

Best Spa in Sanur for a Haircut

spas in sanur: a girl is sitting in a salon getting hair trimmed by a stylist

#4 Glo Day Spa Sanur  

Glo Spa has several chains throughout South Bali including Sanur, Canggu, Seminyak, and Nusa Lembongan.   I have been to several of these locations, and each one is clean, chic and modern, and provides western standard services. 

While I have had other services at Glo including mani/pedi and body massages, the one service that keeps me going back for more is their hair salon.   

At Glo Spa Sanur, you can choose between an Indonesian stylist (IDR 450K/USD 30) and Australian stylist (IDR 550K/USD 37) whose rates vary.  

spas in sanur: interior of Glo Da Spa Sanur hair salon with wall size mirrors and spinning black chairs
Inside the hair salon @ Glo Da Spa Sanur (photo credit:

Admittedly, I am perhaps a hair stylist’s worst nightmare.  I have super thick and straight Asian hair, which is apparently difficult to cut with precision and evenness.  In the five years that I have lived in Bali, there have only been two hair salons that I have ever been happy with.   One is Glo Spa Sanur with an Indonesian stylist Dania, who does a fantastic job every time.

When I’m not in Sanur, I also love going to The Shampoo Lounge in Seminyak.   TSL has an extensive menu of salon and spa packages for a very reasonable price.   If you are ever on the west coast, I recommend TSL as well.  Their services are top-notch and fantastic!

Best Spa in Sanur for Facial

spas in saur: a girl getting a facial in a salon

#5 Cosmo Salon & Spa 

Cosmo Spa Sanur is located on the main strip of Jalan Tamblingan, right across the street from the alluring Maya Sanur Resort & Spa.  Cosmo has been a reputable spa in Sanur for many years and continues to provide quality service and receive consistently high reviews from visitors and expats alike.

Among the various spa treatments I have indulged in at Cosmo over the years, one of my favorites was the Clinique facial (IDR 425K/USD 29).

I can’t say I had ever been a fan of Clinique products in particular, but the treatment had me looking and feeling ten years younger!   My boyfriend (who never even notices when I cut off 10 inches of my hair) actually noticed that my skin was glowing – that says something!

Before my experience at Cosmo Spa Sanur, I can’t say that I ever cared for facials.   Clearly, it was due to never having had a great facial – because after that day, I was hooked!

Summary of the Best Spas in Sanur

It’s really hard to stay out of spas in Sanur, primarily because it’s so cheap to get amazing services in Bali.   The spas are seriously addicting, and if there ever was a thing called spa-addiction, I may be the first one to go on the books as a junkie.   If you try any of the spas in Sanur, you will know just what I mean.

The next time you are in Bali, give one of the Sanur spas a go and let me know what you think!   Alternatively, if you discover a fantastic spa in Sanur that is not on this list, I would love to hear about it – please leave me a note in the comments below!

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Bali | Sanur | Bali Spa | Bali Things to Do | Check out this Guide for the 5 Best Spas in Sanur for your ultimate indulgence! #bestspa #bali #spa #wellness #massages #sanur

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